July 30, 2011

Weekend Inspiration: Some of the Best Burger Recipes

To us, summer and burgers go hand in hand. Not that we haven't been known to grill up a burger in the middle of a Chicago snowstorm in January, but there's nothing quite like preparing burgers in the summer heat with a glass of lemonade or (even better!) a beer.

These burgers below go beyond the normal and hopefully all of them will be making their way into our kitchen table this summer.

Pioneer Woman's Favorite Burger from The Pioneer Woman:

A nicely seasoned burger with sweetly caramelized onions, blue cheese, and spicy mayo? Yes please. Pioneer Woman seems to know what she's talking about with this one.

Ultimate Sriracha Burger from Serious Eats:

Sriracha is a great condiment and we've used it in a number of different dishes to get a nice sweet and spicy flavor, but never in a burger. That will end when we try this delicious looking thing.

Pesto Avocado Portoburger from Not Eating Out in NY

We know we have vegetarian readers, and we love them too. This one should make you happy. A nicely seasoned portobello can be a great substitute for a burger (even Bryan would agree), and combining with avocado sounds like a treat.

Lamb Burgers with Mint Sauce from Saveur:

Ground lamb has a great flavor and this mint sauce should make for an excellent combination. This is a great way to take a highbrow combination (lamb and mint) and make it much more easily.

Bison Burgers with Cabernet Onions and Wisconsin Cheddar from Bon Appetit:

Bison burgers tend to be some of our favorites. It's leaner than traditional beef so you have to cook it less, and it's got a nice big flavor. These cabernet onions sound really tempting, so it shouldn't be too long before we try this out.

And if none of these recipes suit your fancy, you can always try one of ours!

Burgers with Sundried Tomato and basil Aioli from Herbie Likes Spaghetti:

We still maintain that this is was one of the best burgers we've ever eaten. The mozzarella and the sundried tomato and basil aioli is an amazing combination.

Know of a great burger recipe that we missed? Let us know about it in the comments!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Burgers are my favourite! Your burger with the sun-dried tomato and basil aioli looks amazing! Oh Yum.

  2. Thanks Michael :) And oh yea, "yum" is right.

  3. The lamb with mint sauce sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing!


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