August 29, 2011

The Best kind of Greyhound to get away from Hurricane Irene

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What's the best greyhound to get yourself away from an impending hurricane? It's this fantastic drink, introduced to us by our friends at Hungry in Brooklyn. While we were hunkered down Saturday afternoon waiting for Hurricane Irene to wreak havoc on our fair city we gave this a try.

Herbie conserves his strength in preparation for Hurricane Irene

It's very simple to prepare, what makes this so incredible is the fresh grapefruit. Grapefruit juice from a bottle isn't nearly as sweet as the juice right out of the fruit. Plus, when you juice your own grapefruit, you get some of the deliciously sweet pulp as well. It's a perfect foil for the vodka and will have you going back for second quickly.

Squeezing out the grapefruit juice
We like our greyhounds strong so we used one grapefruit between the two of us. We squeezed the juice out directly into a shaker filled with ice and poured in two shots of vodka. After some rigorous shaking, we were ready to go.

Pour this into a short glass and garnish with a wedge of luscious sweet grapefruit, and this greyhound (or two of them) will help take your mind away from any impending hurricanes you may be confronted with.

For a more visual explanation of how to make this, check out the video below that gave us our inspiration!


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