About Us

We are Bryan, YiRan, and Herbie (and now Pepper!). We're of Italian, Chinese, and Domestic Shorthair heritage (we'll let you guess who is who), and try to explore ours and other cultures through the traditions of food and wine. Our goal here is to bring you simple, easy meals that are quick enough to make any night of the week, yet still taste so good you'd think you were eating at a restaurant!

If you want to get in touch to work together, advertise, have us cook for you, blog consultation, or anything else, you can contact us at herbielikesspaghetti [at] gmail [dot] com.

When Bryan is not cooking he spends his days working away at a company called Google. His role there is primarily to support creators and producers on YouTube, through which he has learned the skills to create works of art like this. Bryan loves drinking wine (especially any blends that include Cabernet Franc) and cooking from new recipes.

YiRan is a jack of all trades in the creative field, dabbling in photography, graphic design, and art direction. If you think anything on this page is either visually appealing or fugly, it's most likely because of her. When she's not cooking or shopping for shoes, she's probably cuddling with Herbie or working on ads. Before she met Bryan, who has always been a gourmand, she subsisted on ramen noodles and pita chips. Since then, she has learned the importance of "al dente" and has blossomed into a very capable sous-chef.

Herbie is a cat. He doesn't say much, but when he does, he says it with gusto. We suspect that Herbie's philosophy in life is "Just Chew It." His hobbies include playing with a ribbon or a ball, tackling the hamper, and curling up by the window to sleep. He is as addicted to catnip as YiRan is to Zappos. Oh, and Herbie does like his spaghetti. Did we mention that?

Pepper is the newest addition to our little family, and we're still getting to know him. But what we know so far is that his likes include being petted, being played with, chasing balls, playing with toy mice, and tackling his brother. He also loves to talk and will strike up a conversation with just about anyone or anything. As of yet, his tastes are not quite as refined as Herbie's, so while he does seem to like his spaghetti (just like Herb!), we haven't yet identified anything he doesn't like. Guess he's just easy to please!

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